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“Introduced by a fellow musician I took Darren on to ‘generate’ interest for my forthcoming album, the first new release in 30+ years. Not only did he arrange a sizeable amount of interviews both audio and written, but he ‘attacked’ my project combining both flair and imagination in his marketing abilities. Oh yes, there was also the huge amount of contacts that he could call on to ‘spread the word’. I would recommend him to any other artist that wants a PR man that not only knows his job but positively relishes what he does.”
Barry Graham Purkis – Thunderstick

“Things have really levelled up for us since working with Darren. He is a genuine music fan and right from the start he was committed to understanding what makes Dandelion Charm tick. Initially we engaged Darren to help us to promote our new EP Riding the Flood and throughout this period, he gave us some really great advice and guidance. We are thrilled with the exposure, articles and reviews that have resulted and are excited about working with him on the next step.”
Clare Fowler – Dandelion Charm